The best private instructor I have ever worked with. Punctual, pleasant, pays attention to correcting forms, encouraging; it is the first time I look forward to working out! ~Sarah A.

Technically, Kendra really knows what she’s doing but the real magic is in her generosity of spirit, openness and personality.  ~Peter A.

Kendra is a phenomenal yoga teacher! I’ve taken a lot of yoga classes around DC over the last 10 years, and Kendra’s are as good as they get. Wonderful classes, a great mix of stretches, balance and mindfulness. Love the calming music and eucalyptus oil she sometimes brings. And Kendra is such a kind, sweet person, the whole experience just feels like a visit to a (very wise and agile) friend. I always leave feeling refreshed, relaxed and more balanced.
~Allison L.

I have loved practicing with Kendra for the last 4 months. She has a wonderfully positive attitude, and a respectful and caring rapport with myself and others in the class. She enthusiastically encourages and adapts participation in a warm and gentle way. I truly appreciate the level of interaction, attention and encouragement she has shown me to individualize some of the activities, which I appreciate as a new yogi! I enjoy her energy, willing spirit and creative nature. She has a bright, quick smile that lights up a room, with a pleasant personality to match, all of which have been warmly received. Thank you, Kendra!
~Dawn P.

Kendra is a deeply kind and positive individual. She carries a sense of care and commitment to others that comes across in her daily life and in her teaching. A class with Kendra is like coming home to a place of friendship and acceptance. Her vinyasa-based class is flowing with gentle transitions and interesting moves. Kendra is a gifted yogi and she demonstrates movements in her own gorgeous postures.
~Meghan M.

I attended a small group yoga session with Kendra as our instructor. I normally prefer to blend in a large group, but that is just going through the motions. With Kendra, I felt comfortable and excited to get out of my comfort zone and really stretch myself. Throughout the class, Kendra described each position well, and reminded the group of the names of each pose. Because it was a small class, Kendra worked the room and helped each person get into proper position. She also pushed individuals to open up and extend her reach a little more, this really deepened the experience. This is something you don’t get in a large class. At the end of the session, she prepared the class for a quiet meditation. For me, I really struggle with meditation, “turning my mind off” and relaxing. Her story of reflection and listening to your inner self, coupled with her calming tone made me at ease. I allowed myself to be in a deep peace and heavy relaxation even with people around me. Kendra is a passionate instructor. I watched her grow as a person and instructor while she graduated each training class. She is an individual who truly believes in her practice, Kendra brings her whole-heart and touches each soul in her class. I highly recommend Kendra.
~Jennifer P.