The Sweetest Prayer.

Happy Thanksgiving! How has yours been? We traveled back to Kansas to be with my family and it’s been so nice. Isn’t Thanksgiving such a special holiday? Ideally we’d always remember to practice gratitude, but it can seem so hard to follow through with rituals that encourage the habit. Something simple I’ve loved is the…Read more »

Why practice yoga?

Yoga is waiting for you! I love this list of 38 Health Benefits of Yoga compiled by Yoga Journal. Check it out if you’re wondering what this yoga craze is all about. And here’s another  all-encompassing reason to practice: You’ll make fewer visits to the doctor! Yoga each day really does keep the doctor away.  A…Read more »

Be like trees.

Have you seen this meme that’s made its way around Facebook and Instagram lately? I can’t find the original source or author, but here’s what it says: “The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let the dead things go.”  I love this. But what I love even more is what happens…Read more »

Ish is everything.

Have you read Peter H Reynolds’ Ish?  It’s been life-changing for me! My daughter loves to draw and takes her sketch pad and crayon with her on walks sometimes. A few days ago she stopped to sketch my neighbor and later that afternoon, he dropped off this book for us to borrow. Get it so you…Read more »


Hi friends. Cozy up and grab a cup of tea with me.  I’ll be posting ponderings, tips and happenings right here on my blog, and I always adore feedback and conversation. Much love!   Photo taken by the talented Hannah Bjorndal.