Happy Thanksgiving! How has yours been? We traveled back to Kansas to be with my family and it’s been so nice.

Isn’t Thanksgiving such a special holiday? Ideally we’d always remember to practice gratitude, but it can seem so hard to follow through with rituals that encourage the habit.

Something simple I’ve loved is the sweetest blessings my kids learned to say before snack time at their preschool last year.

Earth who gave us all this food,
Sun who made it ripe and good.
Dearest earth and dearest sun,
We won’t forget what you have done.
Blessings on our meal.

They absolutely love saying it! Rituals are so grounding for all of us. We don’t have a garden, and so we don’t often get the immersive sensual experience of planting and harvesting food from the earth. My kids are always so enamored by it when we visit my father-in-law’s house. He shows them the seeds and lets them water the plants and pull them from the soil and chop them and eat them.

I’m always so fascinated by this spinning ball we live on! Isn’t it just so incredible? With almost every aspect of life being so convenient and packaged and removed from its source, it’s nice to take moments to reflect on the creation process.

I would love to know what your prayers or gratitude rituals and routines are. I’m always looking for more. Share with me in the comments!


Photo via Adobe Stock.

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